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Cuffing Season – Cut it or Embrace it?

  Cuffing season. Netflix and chill - sounds familiar especially if you're single. If you are new to my blog, read this post - Single, Saved & Horny Today, loving God while desiring sex seems to remain a sensitive issue in the Body of...
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While daddy was absent….

I wasn't always excited about the word daddy growing up. Everyone wants to know their daddy especially females. I don't care if you're an 18 or 34 year old male or female, entrepreneur, college dropout  or sales associate reading this blog post and you don't have a...
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Living on the down low can…

Jack you up if you don't wake up ladies! Imagine this - Its 11pm at Melanie's apartment, candles burning and her iPod is playing the following. “You want me but he needs you. Yet you’re telling me that everything is cool…..Just go along and see things your way and...
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God,”what’s really going on?”

I know you're wondering what would make me ask God such a bold question.Well,I recently went through a season where it was all I wanted to know because I was sick and tired of going through the motions.The motions included waking up,going to work,serving at...
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The BIG question – where is “Mr.Biggs”?

"Girl,Dr.Lorneka why are you still single? You're pretty,smart,you can pray and you're a doctor.It cannot be that bad for you to find a man." Do you like women? The details may be different but some of you believe that marriage is everthing in life but it's NOT! This...
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Relationship status:It’s NOT complicated

During the holiday season,there are single men and women around the world feeling lonely, disappointed,embarrassed and even bitter about enjoying festivities.That holiday invitation from your job and married-friends is still pending.Now some of you may be thinking...
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Single,Saved & Horny!!!!

Seriously, its 9:30 and Derek said he was going to come pick me up at 8 o’clock so we can eat before the movie starts and he still is not here. I can’t stand when he makes me put on his favorite red dress and doesn’t even call to apologize. Does this scenario sound...
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When perfect becomes imperfect

This is one of those posts where the title makes you stop and think.Like you,I get tired sometimes but my spirit won't allow me to give up because I have come too far.For years,I was deceived into thinking that mistakes and failures make us irrelevant and when we...
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Transition.What is transition?Transition is defined by as "process or period of changing from one state or condition to another."If you are going through changes, be it physical and or/spiritual, it is very important that rely on the voice of God to...
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And the Lord did it-again

This past weekend was another triumphant moment for me.After six to seven years,I graduated with my doctorate of pharmacy from the College of Pharmacy at Florida A&M; University in Tallahassee.Aside from celebrating this huge accomplishment, I was really amazed at the...
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“This program helped me become more open minded as a woman, living my passion and understanding relationships and money. The structure was great. It helped me heal from my past. I enjoyed my AMAZING coach, Dr. Lorneka pouring into me, challenging and holding me accountable. She’s so real and I now recognize greatness in myself. THANK YOU for the connection.”



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