This past weekend was another triumphant moment for me.After six to seven years,I graduated with my doctorate of pharmacy from the College of Pharmacy at Florida A&M; University in Tallahassee.

Aside from celebrating this huge accomplishment, I was really amazed at the things that God did through my family while we were together.Since my mother and grand-mother’s death,my family grew apart because our house was the place where everyone gathered most of the time.I don’t believe it was intentional but when I traveled back home to Nassau on breaks,I noticed the changes and began praying for God to mend this area.

Reconciliation is God’s greatest ministry and so whenever I recognize there is a breach in my relationships (family/friends), I try to become a change agent.This also stems from the fact that my family and I had so many funerals so it’s really important that forgiveness, love and service becomes a daily act between us even though we are not in the same country.

But I want to thank God for the chain-breaking moments that occurred this weekend.I was blessed to have my baby brother with me and my step-father reached out to me in more ways than one and this really caught me by surprise.I was hurt when he did not come to assist me with my mother in her last stages of multiple sclerosis.However,he too was hurt by her death but I became selfish and felt that he owed me an apology for the lies and disappointments.I was wrong for thinking he owed me an apology so for this,I am grateful.

Last but not least, God revealed some of the plans He has for me through my mentor and covenant sisters via prophetic words.At first I struggled with the plans because I couldn’t see myself doing some of the things but that started to change today.My covenant sisters are all powerful and anointed in their respective places and it’s an honor to be in a relationship with them as we’re being discipled my mentor and God-mother.

I don’t know who will read this post but I want to encourage you to go and act on the dreams that God placed on the inside of you.My motivation came from my mother’s unnecessary death but I prayed about this career choice and God made it happen because I had CRAZY faith.So if you’re struggling and somehow your dreams died along the way, I speak LIFE over you right now and I challenge you to dream AGAIN.

It’s time to give God and the world all you’ve got.One of my favorite authors,Dr.Myles Munroe said it best. And I quote, “The graveyard is the richest place on the surface of the earth because there you will see the books that were not published, ideas that were not harnessed, songs that were not sung, and drama pieces that were never acted.”

If God fulfilled my dreams with $206,two denials from immigration,seven deaths in eight years,a rejection letter from the school that later accepted me into their program a year later and two degrees,surely He wants to do wonders through you as well. So be encouraged and find your dream place again and activate your faith today so you too can say,

And the Lord did it – again!

God bless you.

My mentor & I at my graduation

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