This program helped me become more open minded as a woman, living my passion and understanding relationships and money. The layout that was giving to us was amazing. I learned so much that’s helping me where I am right now. I have enjoyed my AMAZING coach, Dr. Lorneka pouring into me, challenging and holding me accountable. She’s so real and I now recognize greatness that I couldn’t see in myself. THANK YOU for the connection.

Angela (South Carolina)

Where should I begin? The Better Me program was life-changing. As a young college student embarking upon my future, I lacked confidence. Dr.Lorneka made this program personable as she challenged me outside of my comfort zone. I completed the program empowered and assured that someone is cheering me on. I definitely recommend women from every background to enroll.


Jessica (Georgia)

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One-On-One Coaching

A virgin at 32 and committed to abstinence until marriage, Dr. Lorneka has also experienced breakthrough as an individual. After many heartbreaks, Dr. Lorneka knew it was time to seek God and do some things different. As a result, she is not only walking in victoriously but she is coaching women around the world who are tired of vicious-cycles hindering them from enjoying life.


So,what are the benefits of 1-on-1 Relational Coaching?


  • You will be able to identify and unpack baggage that’s holding you back
  • Tools that will move you from procrastination to action!
  • Identify soul ties from current and former relationships that are unhealthy
  • Receive practical/spiritual tools to help you overcome obstacles
  • Receive guidance and clarity regarding college, current job & setting career goals
  • Accountability concerning your purpose and dreams as a woman



I first met Dr. Lorneka on Facebook after reading her book Right Things, Wrong Season. I knew it was God and the coaching sessions helped me see that I am not alone in my struggle being a single-mother. The tools she shared helped me overcome feelings of defeat and gave me strength to embrace better days ahead. I thank God for Dr. Lorneka.

Artesha (Florida)

I truly enjoyed all of my sessions with Her Money Matters Class. I no longer want to be left in the dark, when it comes to my pocket book or scared to check my bank accounts because I have poorly managed my funds. Dr. Lorneka’s recommendations made me more consciously aware of my spending habits and the detailed budget sheet was a major blessing. Thanks for working with me and praying with me! I am forever grateful.

Dr. Tamara (Arkansas)

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