I know you’re wondering what would make me ask God such a bold question.Well,I recently went through a season where it was all I wanted to know because I was sick and tired of going through the motions.The motions included waking up,going to work,serving at church,praying and helping people but still empty on the inside.

Last summer,I took a trip to Bimini to visit family members but it turned into the death and life of an uncomfortable season.Like some of you,I often ask God what is He doing & at times,I hear NOTHING! You see the spirit of rejection,rebellion,pride and idolatry were all controlling my life.Now,let me clarify or define idolatry.Idolatry is not just kneeling down kissing a Buddha doll.Simply put,anything that takes up more space/time than God is an idol. It can be your job,money,social media,your spouse,business,desire to look perfect or get married.But Exodus 34:14 (NIV) states Do not worship any other god,for the Lord,whose name is Jealous,is a jealous God.”

Until I understood God’s principles,I placed my value in people and stuff and God had enough of my foolishness. According to my plans,by 25 I was supposed to be done w/college & married w/kids.After college,I wasn’t expecting to be in an identity crisis.Who has time for another crisis? Not me – so I figured.I had enough of people bombarding me about marriage or when I was going to have a baby.It was like an annoying mosquito which through Christ,I learned how to kill it.It’s vital that we tune our ears to God because when we make out-of-season choices,people won’t run to save us.So anyways,the closer I got to God,the more I began to hear,”your journey is different Lorneka.” I also recognized that the road my girlfriends were taking to success was not my road to take so I had to be careful and check my motives.At this point in my life,I cannot waste time wondering when I will be getting married while young women are committing suicide and HIV is on the rise in the black community.

I am not saying that marriage and kids are not important but right now,Dr.Lorneka knows that God will allow her husband to find her but I have to take my place in the kingdom.My purpose in this season is much greater than a wedding-ring and liking pictures of wedding dresses.God has called me to use my degree and background for His glory to heal those challenged with sickness and disease.And help single women understand there’s an enemy out to steal,kill & destroy their purpose.If you don’t know your purpose,ask God to show you.

We all make plans & expect God to jump when we say jump.But if the plans only benefit us & won’t bring Him glory,He’s notBimini obligated to answer our prayers. See,God knew I wasn’t ready for the MORE I wanted.It was all just lip-service.However,through discipleship w/my mentor Elder Rhonda Lewis,He placed me in surgery,gave me anesthesia aka Holy Spirit and began “cutting” away things in me that were toxic.So when I get discouraged or text messages fail,I had to start preaching to myself.I began saying”Jeremiah 29:11 states, “I know the plans that I have for you Lorneka.Plans to give you hope and a future.Be anxious for nothing.When you come out of this fire,you’ll be PURE gold.

As you question God about what’s really going on,understand that He’s trying to get you to another level in your mind and in your life.He wants to build your faith and reveal your purpose but you must let go of the people and things that are hindering you.Discipline yourself through prayer and silence your phone for some intimacy.Contrary to popular belief,humans can experience intimacy outside of sex.For example,when I pour myself out to God through song,it’s as if He’s holding me and nothing else matters.So if your plans are not working,and you’ve went to all sorts of conferences and read 20 self-help books,maybe you need a NEW architect and blueprint.

Maybe you’re lonely,broke,unemployed,grieving a loss,sick in your body,struggling in your marriage, uncomfortable and wondering,when will your dreams manifest.I challenge you today to SURRENDER your plans and life AGAIN. You don’t have to be in a church to surrender.Surrender now at work, home,your car,the bus or in the bathroom.And as you cry out to God,your strength will be RENEWED.

Yes,I’m still single and learning but I now have such a peace that money cannot buy at 31 years old.Things really turned around for my good after a year and 3 months.I had some make-up exams but I’m so excited about my future especially as I prepare for more CHANGE this month.God is NOT  respecter of persons so He can do it for you too

It doesn’t feel good friend but everything is working out for YOUR good and that is what’s really going on! 

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