Jack you up if you don’t wake up ladies!stop_the_lies

Imagine this – Its 11pm at Melanie’s apartment, candles burning and her iPod is playing the following. “You want me but he needs you. Yet you’re telling me that everything is cool…..Just go along and see things your way and keep it on the down low. (Whispering) Nobody has to know.”  Ladies these are the words to the song Down Low written by R.Kelly. Jane is patiently waiting for her beau to come over.

I’m sure this scenario sounds familiar and it probably brought flashbacks of your past. However, there are single Christian women living just like Melanie. It seems okay for you to invite your boyfriend over for dinner but when that boyfriend is married or belongs to another woman, Houston–we have a problem.

I know what it feels like to lay in bed feeling lonely or wanting a shoulder to cry on. Loneliness is a state of mind. Years ago, I was fortunate enough to have dated a man who cheated on me. The reason I say that I was fortunate is because the signs were obvious that the relationship was going nowhere. But because I wanted to change, God stepped in and not only moved me to another country but he allowed my boyfriend to dump me and never returned my calls. Now I was very much upset and broken but I’m glad God did not answer my prayer by letting me marry him. Today he is an unwed father of six and his fiancé has gone through two abortions, physical abuse and more.

I too fell for the lies, expensive dinners and flowers at work because I was battling low self-esteem and insecurity. So much so, I started lying and manipulating him. When we met, he told me that his relationship was over but because I was vulnerable, I didn’t care to pray or question his character. It’s not God’s will for you to be anyone’s side chick. If a man loves you, he should make this public by marrying you. Proverbs18:22 states “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.”

It’s time you expose satan and finally break the soul ties. You are a beautiful woman who deserves to be in love with one man who loves you only. You are worth more than your breasts and thighs. Instead of scrolling through your phone reading old messages or lusting after folk’s relationships, ask Jesus to deliver you from the secrets, insecurity, pain, emptiness and even physical abuse. Aren’t you tired of the baby-mama drama or being last on his list after his family? God wants to prepare you for your husband but if your ex or married-boyfriend keeps getting access, how can God change your status? The bible says you are more than a conqueror and YOU can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you.

You are the chocolate of God’s eye but you must embrace His loving arms to hold you as you WAIT!!!!!!


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