This is one of those posts where the title makes you stop and think.

Like you,I get tired sometimes but my spirit won’t allow me to give up because I have come too far.
For years,I was deceived into thinking that mistakes and failures make us irrelevant and when we fail,God becomes disappointed.

Unashamedly,I am being delivered from the opinions of others and it hurts but I know it’s for my good. There are of lot of people who will say that they don’t care what others think,but truth be told,some of those people are lying to themselves.

I no longer wish to lie or be lied to anymore about who I AM or what I do.
I thought I had already heard so many no’s and walked in insecurity for too long and that chapter of my life was over.Well,I found out this week that now and again,God will cause some of His children to be denied, rejected and even fail ALL for His glory.
What glory you ask? The glory from a TEMPORARY setback is that we are not our failures and with or without success,God still calls us special.So until I am delivered from the “image of perfection”,God is allowing me to endure contractions that only He can deliver me from.
The next few months will be painful but I need complete healing to take place-once and for all.

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